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  • The Packing House 156 River Road Willington, CT, 06279 United States (map)

An Evening with Spiritual Medium Maura Geist

Tickets $20.00 in Advance (ONLINE) / $25.00 at the Door / Special Senior price ($22.00) at the Door.

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The evening will begin with a discussion lead by Maura.  She will discuss when and how this unique ability began, what a Medium is and her understanding of the Afterlife.   She will also give a overview of how a reading is done, methods used in the process and what she will need from the audience. Maura will then make connections for the audience members and bring loving and healing messages from loved ones that have crossed over.

Based on experience and general audience attendance, approximately ten readings are typically able to be completed during an evening session. There will be a brief intermission ending with a Q & A.

Life is a beautiful thing, it is our journey of learning, but it is even more interesting through the Eyes of a Medium. This is my journey and all the things I have learned about God, our Souls, and the Afterlife. - Maura Geist


Come be part of this inspirational, loving and healing evening in our intimate historic setting. This program is hosted by the "Eastern Connecticut Center for History, Art, and Performance" (EC-CHAP). Doors 7:00pm / Show 7:30pm. Tickets $20.00 in advance online / $25.00 at the door. Senior pricing available. 20% Discount at Door for EC-CHAP Members.

Soft drinks and snacks available. "BYOB&F" - Bring Your Own Beverage & Food (Wine & Beer Only - I.D. Required). You can also bring your paid ticket to Willington Pizza House (or WP Too) for eat-in or take-out the night of the show and receive 15% off your meal purchase. Ask for "The Packing House" pizza! Click here for secret recipe. 

For information and table reservations, please call 518-791-9474.

All proceeds from this concert go to support EC-CHAP.


"The experience with you is always nothing short of amazing. The accuracy of the information you bring to us from them simply cannot be denied or dismissed. One comes away from you knowing....not wondering, but knowing that they have just been in the company of a departed loved one.  For us, your simply our key that opens the door to the place where they now dwell. Your are what allows us to have..... Continued family reunions..... That result in healing, and a complete feeling ofpeace, resolution, and well being. Thank you Maura, just for being there." - Stephen, NY

"Maura has a truly special gift. Maura provided me with closure on an issue I have been struggling with for 25 years. Her approach and her readings are thoughtful, honest, and full of love and empathy. Maura allowed me to forgive and begin the healing that I so desperately needed. There is a comfort that I know have. For this, I am so thankfu to Maura for sharing her gift with me! " - Jill, NY

"Maura is 'the real deal'. I have spoken with, met with and spent many hours with other mediums over the last 20 years or so. No one has ever made me feel or given me the amount of helpful information that Maura delivered. I felt comfortable, confident and relaxed in speaking with her. I wish everyone I knew would have a chat with her so they can feel what I felt! Thank you times a million! " - Adrienne, CT

"Maura, when I came to see you with Karan, I did not expect anything. You made a believer out of me, and for that I will be forever grateful. I felt like I was talking to my grandparents right in front of me. You gave me a comfort that I can't express. I am just happy to know that there are people who watch out for us, and that we do "live" forever." - Cathy, NY

About Maura:

Growing up I was just like any other child except I would feel and hear things that I did not understand,  and that truly frightened me. In my teen years I tried very hard to ignore it but it always managed to work its way into my life.

When I was in my mid twenties my connection and faith to God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit became very strong, along with my belief in Angels.   I started to feel, hear and see things more often.  Twelve years ago when someone whom I loved very much passed away, I then could no longer ignore this ability.  I was forced to acknowledge this and learn how to use this to help others heal and this is the path I believe I am meant to follow.

I have studied with various Mediums such as Lisa Williams, Tony Stockwell and John Holland but most of my learning has come from my Archangels and the God energy. I have been sharing this gift with others and in group settings for the past five years.

The Packing House  |  156 River Road, Suite 1301Willington, Connecticut 06279  |  (518)791-9474