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EC-CHAP Film Series: "Maudie" (PG13). 2016.

  • The Packing House 156 River Road Willington, CT, 06279 United States (map)

EC-CHAP Film Series: "Maudie" (PG13). 2016.


Maudie is a 2016 biographical drama film directed by Aisling Walsh and starring Sally Hawkins and Ethan Hawke.

Maudie,” from Irish-born director Aisling Walsh, is a film biography of Maud Lewis, one of the most beloved folk artists of 20th century Canada. The movie, which is made with an artfulness that at times is almost overwhelming, does not play as a standard biopic in any way, however. The viewer never really learns just what Maud’s affliction is until over two-thirds of the way into the film. (Maud Lewis suffered from painful arthritis all her life, stemming from childhood rheumatic fever.) The town in which she lived, married, and made her simple, colorful paintings is not named in an opening title or any such thing. (The setting is Nova Scotia, and the scenery of the film, which was actually partially shot in Ireland and other parts of Canada, is ever-breathtaking.) This film shows instead of tells, and what it shows is sad, disturbing, beautiful, and moving, sometimes all at once.

Hawkins’ performance is spectacular, and moving throughout. Ethan Hawke as Everett takes a little more getting used to. His physical acting is always on point, especially considering he’s playing a much thicker type (in every possible sense of the word) than he usually does. But the grunts he emits are initially a little too reminiscent of Billy Bob Thornton’s immortal “Sling Blade” character. But Hawke never tries to ingratiate, never tries to shrug off the more unattractive aspects of the character, and eventually you forget you’re watching Ethan Hawke.

This is a remarkably assured movie, through and through. Walsh and cinematographer Guy Godfree have taken care to make every individual shot a thing of beauty. But the artfulness always acts in service of the emotions, which in the end become both inspiring and heartbreaking." (Roger Ebert)

An arthritic Nova Scotia woman works as a housekeeper while she hones her skills as an artist and eventually becomes a beloved figure in the community. A biography of artist Maud Lewis starring Sally Hawkins and Ethan Hawke. Coming soon in 2017

Join us for this unique true story about art and love! This film is a part of the EC-CHAP Film Series hosted by the Eastern Connecticut Center for History, Art, and Performance (EC-CHAP), a 501.3.c non-profit membership-based cultural organization. To learn more and how you can become a member, visit

Suggested donation $5.00. Cabaret and group seating. Doors 7:00pm / Show 7:30pm. Soft drinks and snacks available. We are pleased to offer our exclusive "BYOB&F" model - Bring Your Own Beverage & Food (Wine & Beer Only - I.D. Required).

 Call 518-791-9474 for information and table reservations.

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