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EC-CHAP Friday Night Film Series: "Pink Floyd: The Wall" (R)

  • The Packing House 156 River Road Willington, CT, 06279 United States (map)

EC-CHAP Friday Night Film Series: "Pink Floyd: The Wall" (R)


Coral Gables Art Cinema1280 × 800Search by image U.K., 1982, 95 min, 35mm, Dir. Alan Parker, Rated R, Warner Bros.

Coral Gables Art Cinema1280 × 800Search by image
U.K., 1982, 95 min, 35mm, Dir. Alan Parker, Rated R, Warner Bros.

Pink Floyd: The Wall (1982). This indie film directed by Alan Parker and written by Roger Waters, stars Bob Geldof, Christine Hargreaves, James Laurenson.

"A confined but troubled rock star descends into madness in the midst of his physical and social isolation from

"The movie tells the story of rock singer "Pink" who is sitting in his hotel room in Los Angeles, burnt out from the music business and only able to perform on stage with the help of drugs. Based on the 1979 double album "The Wall" by Pink Floyd, the film begins in Pink's youth where he is crushed by the love of his mother. Several years later, he is punished by the teachers in school because he is starting to write poems. He slowly begins to build a wall around himself to be protected from the world outside. The film shows all this in massive and epic pictures until the very end where he tears down the wall and breaks free." Written by Harald Mayr <> - IMDb

"The rock opera "Pink Floyd: The Wall," first performed in 1978, came at a time when some rock artists were taking themselves very seriously indeed. While the Beatles and Stones had recorded stand-alone songs or themed albums at the most, The Who produced "Tommy" in 1969 and "Quadrophenia" in 1973. David Bowie and Genesis followed, and "Pink Floyd: The Wall" essentially brought a close to that chapter.

This isn't the most fun to listen to and some viewers don't find it to much fun to watch, but the 1982 film is without question the best of all serious fiction films devoted to rock. Seeing it now in more timid times, it looks more daring than in did in 1982, when I saw it at Cannes. Alan Parker, a director who seemed to deliberately choose widely varied projects, here collaborates with Gerald Scarfe, a biting British political caricaturist, to make what is
essentially an experimental indie. It combines wickedly powerful animation with a surrealistic trip through the memory and hallucinations of an overdosing rock star. It touches on sex, nuclear disarmament, the agony of warfare, childhood feelings of abandonment, the hero's deep unease about women, and the life style of a rock star at the end of his rope.
" - Roger Ebert

"Unlike ''Tommy,'' ''The Wall'' doesn't have the jokey, selfdeflating side that might have been helpful. It's serious through and through. Mr. Parker occasionally reprises some of his handsomest images, as if these were coming attractions for an equally attentiongetting but less overbearing film. Alas, that isn't true."  - JANET MASLIN - NY Times

This film is a part of the EC-CHAP Friday Night Film Series hosted by the Eastern Connecticut Center for History, Art, and Performance (EC-CHAP), a 501.3.c non-profit membership-based cultural organization. To learn more and how you can become a member, visit

Cabaret and group seating. Doors 7:00pm / Show 7:30pm. Soft drinks and snacks available. We are pleased to offer our exclusive "BYOB&F" model - Bring Your Own Beverage & Food (Wine & Beer Only - I.D. Required).

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