"The Packing House"

Pizza Special

Visually appealing / and full of flavor!

Next time you're at Willington Pizza House or Willington Pizza Too, be sure to order "The Packing House"! Give this pizza special a try and you won't go wrong.

The secret recipe was developed one dark, rainy night by EC-CHAP leadership after a show at The Packing House.  A careful blend of visual art and culinary delight drove the aesthetics and taste which resulted in this masterpiece. If for some reason when you visit, the "special menu" excludes this creation, just order "The Packing House"!

(Secret Recipe: Peperoni, red onion, mushrooms, spinach, and roasted peppers)

The Packing House  |  156 River Road, Suite 1301Willington, Connecticut 06279  |  (518)791-9474